COVID test results/ certifications are still needed in some occasions may it be for travel, work, or special occasions, here at Health Box we offer vaccination and testing for COVID. Our pharmacists and medical professionals are here to assist you and guide you on more information when it comes to your health.

Services Include:

Swab Test
Rapid Test
Serology Test
COVID Vaccinations
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule a wellness appointment, visit our website, click on the ‘Book an Appointment’ button, and follow the prompts through our online booking system. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation.

Do I still need to get COVID test results before traveling?

Some countries do still have some mandated policies regarding COVID test results/certifications that you should be presenting with them. At Health Box, we can assist you on your test result/certification before you travel.

What is the difference between Swab Test and Serology Test?

The swab test detects if you are currently infected, and the blood test can indicate prior infection or the presence of antibodies. With that knowledge, Health Box pharmacists and medical professionals will be able to help you understand more what your health condition needs.

Can I Walk-in for COVID Test/ Vaccination?

You can walk-in to any Health Box location near you conveniently located at Mint Health + Drugs so our pharmacists and medical professionals can guide you on your COVID vaccination or testing. However, to minimize your wait time and ensure prompt attention, we recommend booking an appointment when possible.

What is Serology Testing?

Serology testing is a point of care test enabling healthcare providers to monitor your immune response, which in turn helps them make better decisions about your health. Some antibodies are seen as early as three days post infection, but antibodies may take 14 days or more to be identified.

Our Covid Serology POC tests are completed in a CPSA accredited lab. Tests may be billable through many health insurance spending accounts. Our pharmacists and medical professionals are here to assist you.

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